UPA, Utenti Pubblicità Associati, is the association that represents and advocates the interests of industrial, commercial and service companies investing advertising budgets on italian market.

Established in 1948, UPA's activity is promoted and driven by the companies, that act proactively to tackle and solve common problems related to advertising and commercial communication.

UPA represents members' interests in a unique, indipendent and strong way in political, legislative and regulatory bodies, as well as in industry committees, towards consumers' organisations and other stakeholder concerned by commercial communication.

All the activities, positions and behaviours of the Association aim at transparency and responsibility, with constant focus on continuous innovation of the market. UPA founded in 1966 and still actively promotes italian advertising self regulatory organisation, IAP (Istituto dell'Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria), in order to champion and develop responsible advertising as a means of information for consumers, concurrency in various markets, welfare for the entire society. internal antitrust compliance guidelines, defining the behaviours the Association and the company members must follow in order to ensure no violations of the concurrency law. Periodically is subjected to an indipendent audit, that certificates the compliance of association's and members' behaviour with the internal guidelines and the compliance of guidelines with the current antitrust law.

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