UPA represents its members in relations with various advertising media (national and local, public and private television broadcasters, public and private radio broadcasters, editors of newspapers and periodicals, web sites and portals, advertising sales agencies, external advertising agencies, production companies) and provides accurate and up-to-the-minute survey data on the economic and contractual conditions of the advertising market.
UPA also assists members to effectively implement their communications strategies by providing a complete set of data, parameters and evaluations to help the company make fully informed decisions.
Today, the relationship between companies and their communications partners is critical to success. UPA promotes a transparent and detailed examination of the quality and effectiveness of communications, the value of creativity, and the integrated use of all communication levers and formulas for creating successful brands in international markets.

Guide to advertiser/agency relationships
UPA has developed, and continues to update, a guide to selecting the most appropriate advertising agency. The guide gives expert advice on identifying the agency that can best meet the advertisers’ needs, on managing the relationship with the agency, and on identifying the most effective compensation and evaluation schemes.

Guide to preparing a company brief for the advertising agency for the development of a campaign
UPA has prepared and periodically updates a valuable manual for preparing an advertising campaign brief for an agency. The manual outlines the best structure and content for an effective brief.

Agency remuneration
UPA provides consulting services to member companies on agency commissions and remuneration. Particular importance is placed on the advantages and limitations of the various payment methods and criteria. UPA helps to identify the contract type that best meets the specific needs of the member company.

Advertising Company – Advertisers Study
This study presents the results of extensive and detailed research into the dynamics of the relationships between advertisers and advertising and public relations agencies. The result is a detailed outline of agency selection criteria, the image and reputation of agencies, budget allocation methods and compensation amounts, most used services and advertiser satisfaction rates. The data is regularly updated.

Creativity and languages
UPA prepares ad hoc seminars, workshops and research on the theme of creativity in business communication. The courses investigate international trends at the macro and micro level and new opportunities in advertising content, format or language. The courses are illustrated with examples of the best case histories.

Media use surveys and research
UPA constantly sends its members information on the use of various communications media, with detailed updates on the characteristics and utilisation volumes of particular target audiences.
New Media & Advertising
UPA organises seminars, presentations and conventions on the advertising potential of the “new media.” These presentations are based on data from several international research projects and ad hoc commissioned studies.

Advertising in numbers
This half-yearly publication analyses advertising investment trends in Italy by individual medium, region and geographical area. Information on investments in the various market categories and the main market spenders is provided.
The study also gives a complete overview of the main Italian and international socio-economic indicators, from gross domestic product to inflationary dynamics, from consumption to consumer and company sentiments.

The future of advertising
Every 18 months, UPA updates this predictive survey regarding advertising and communication investment trends in Italy. The development potentials and scenarios for each medium are described analytically and the most important trends are highlighted.

Monitoring advertising investments
UPA carries out in-depth analyses of advertising investments in specific advertising media and channels, including a comparative analysis of expense volumes, developed advertising pressure and specific planning characteristics.
The international panorama – foreign media
The international context plays an increasingly important role in modern corporate communications. UPA provides member companies with audience ratings for individual radio and television broadcasters as well as distribution and reader data for numerous publications, alongside analyses of advertising investments in the main European and non-European markets.

UPA carries out periodic research into the complex issues regarding sponsorship management. The studies look at sponsorship operation and consumer response models, as well as the methods of selecting, planning, managing and measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship initiatives.
Public relations
UPA has published and made available to its members several publications on Public Relations.

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