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UPA, the association of the most prestigious companies investing advertising budget on italian market.

address:    via Larga, 13 - Milan

zip code:   20122

phone:      +39 02 58303741

fax:           +39 02 58304443

E-mail:      direzione@upa.it


You can join UPA if you are a company or an organization carrying out advertising and marketing communications activities to promote your products and services. 

The membership is not allowed to companies then prevalently sell advertising spaces, advertising services or intermediate the purchase of those spaces and services.

If you want to get the membership form, get to know the amount of the annual membership fee  or go deeper into understanding how to benefit from the services and the consultancy UPA offers to their associates don't hesitate to contact:

phone:    +39 02 58303741

E-mail:    alberto.vivaldelli@upa.it


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