Effie® Awards Italy 2022: open registrations for the fourth edition

Everything is ready for the fourth edition of Effie® Awards Italy, the recognition that enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the performance of communication. Introduced in Italy thanks to the joint action of UNA, Aziende della Comunicazione Unite, and UPA, the Association representing advertising investors, Effie inaugurates the program of its fourth edition and the roadmap for 2022.

The award, now in its fourth edition, consolidates its positioning and adds new categories to better represent the evolution of the industry, the demands of the brands and the needs of the market.

There are four new entries for the 2022 edition:

HOME PRODUCTS: campaigns dedicated to cleaning products, waxes, detergents, floor care products, fabric softeners, paper products, gardening, etc.
POSITIVE CHANGE (social responsibility, sustainability, diversity/inclusion): a category that rewards marketing activities that are effective in addressing a social problem or helping to spread an existing program in a way that brings benefits and advantages to people and the environment. It's about creating positive social and cultural change, challenging the status quo, and changing norms and stereotypes that create social inequality.

PARTICULAR MOMENTS: The most effective companies are those that know how to strategically plan special moments that have a strong influence on the lives of their customers.  This category includes events, platforms or programs created to meet customer needs in relation to a specific context, season or culture.

MARKETING INNOVATION SOLUTIONS - Business, product or service innovation, customer , customer experience: this category rewards innovation in business, product or service and even in individual marketing activities that has had an exceptionally positive impact on market position.

Registrations are open from January 11 and to participate just access the site directly. The Award is open to all communication campaigns, whatever the medium and tool used,

The award is open to all communication campaigns - regardless of the medium used - released in Italy in the period between 1 January 2021 and 28 February 2022 and for which a clear definition of the strategy adopted, the objectives and the results achieved is required. The award is open to companies, agencies and media centers that can decide which categories to enter, giving priority to the areas they belong to or the objectives pursued. The criteria by which the campaigns will be judged will reflect international standards since all the winners of the local editions of the Effie Awards become part of the global ranking, the Effie World Index.

A tight schedule for the organization and the juries, chaired this year by Barbara Sala, Europe Connections Director The Coca-Cola Company. On April 15, in fact, the entries for the Award will end, and already on May 10 the first jury will face the first screening of the campaigns registered to define the finalists and then continue with the second round on June 7 with the awarding of prizes to the winners.

The last jury for the assignment of the Grand Effie among the campaigns awarded with gold, will be held on the day of the awards ceremony scheduled for the month of September.

Diamond Sponsor also for the 2022 edition will be Google, which has already confirmed its adhesion.