UPA launches "Influencer marketing 2021"

UPA will organize an event dedicated to influencer marketing, an essential communication tool for many brands which, on the one hand, are increasing their investments in this direction, and on the other, are aware of the need to consolidate best practices.

The conference "Influencer marketing 2021" is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, online and in physical presence (by invitation) at the Teatro Parenti in Milan.

Many topics will be discussed during the day: the main trends of the influencer marketing, the strategic management in all its aspects - costs, supply chain, contracts - KPIs and measurement. 

Roundtable speakers and panelists will include companies, agencies, publishers, influencers/creators, lawyers.

The agenda is available here. All the contents will be in italian. 

The event is sponsored by Flu, Mondadori Media, Sensemakers, The Story Lab, TikTok.

Online registration is open at this link