Metaverse Marketing Lab

The Metaverse Marketing Lab is an initiative of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, established in collaboration with UPA and UNA with the aim of creating a forum for discussion among companies, the communication supply chain and technology enablers about the opportunities and challenges of metaverse-related technologies in marketing activities.

In addition to studying brand initiatives at the national level and comparing them with global experiences, the Lab, officially unveiled in June 2022, focuses on the user's perspective, analyzing their behavior and objectively measuring their emotional engagement, with the aim of understanding whether and how this 'Metaverse intoxication' represents a trend or a wave.

During the second Metaverse Marketing Lab workshop, held in November 2022, scenario data were shared about the penetration of the so-called metaverse. The meeting was also an opportunity for the presentation of the results of a survey conducted on the use of the metaverse for marketing purposes, which involved the analysis of more than 330 national and international cases, analyzing their prerogatives, purposes and content.


2023 Meetings 

The first appointment of 2023 was held in February.

An online event entitled "Projects in gaming platforms and economic implications" was held on March 29th, entirely dedicated to deepening centralized platforms.

The meeting of April 17th was centered on the theme "Metaverse marketing on decentralized platforms: a step towards Web 3.0".

In May there was a focus on "Web 3.0 for marketing & sales" and on June 12th a meeting entitled "Beyond third-party platforms: the private metaverse" was held.

On June 28, it was the turn of "Customer service in the metaverse and showcase of innovation".

After the summer, the meetings resumed on 6 October with "Virtual influencers and V-commerce".

The last event of the year entitled "And yet the wind still blows (one year of Metaverse Marketing Lab)" was on November 22.

2024 Meetings

In 2024 the meetings resumed on March 21st with the first appointment entitled "Restarting with momentum: immersive experiences that evolve".

The theme of the meeting on 8 May 2024 will be "Artificial intelligence and immersive reality: from flirting to marriage?".