UPA-UNI - Guidelines for accessible and inclusive advertising

The UPA-UNI project for the development of a Reference Practice dedicated to accessible and inclusive advertising, inspired by the principles of "design for all", has officially started.

In line with the current national and European regulatory context, the document aims to offer the whole market (Agencies, Publishers, Investors) guidelines and criteria to make advertising communications accessible and understandable for different people, with different sensory abilities and cognitive, in different ages and moments of life.

Companies will be able to increase and enrich their communication in a coherent and recognizable way: the guidelines will allow the various messages to be declined, translated and enabled for inclusion, increasing their coverage and penetration, also quantitatively expanding their planning targets, being able to contact 10/15% of the Italian population is currently unable for various reasons to use advertising content.
The participation of the main Disabled Associations will be required at the Working Table through the collaboration of experts in accessibility, communication and multimodal translation expressed by them.