Who we are

UPA is the Association of Italian major advertisers

Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi

UPA’s mission is to identify and address advertiser’s common issues in advertising and communication, as well as to represent their interests to authorities, adv agencies, digital media, publishers, consumers and all significant market stakeholders.


Main activities and projects

UPA’s business is focused on transparency and responsibility, with constant attention to market innovations.

Here are some of the most recent projects of our Association.


White Paper on Digital Communication
In 2017 UPA, together with Assocom, Fcp, Fedoweb, Fieg, IAB Italia, Netcomm and Unicom, published the first 'White Book on Digital Communication', with the aim of providing a concrete and shared response to the growing need of transparency in digital advertising.


Developed by UPA in partnership with NeodataLab, NESSIE (Next gEneration System for Strategic Insights Exploitation) is the first project that put together different brands to manage big data for marketing and advertising purposes. This project is currently centered on a shared “data lake” to provide to all participants enriched data to use for better planning and targeting.
Eight companies have already joined Nessie: Bolton, Ferrero, Henkel, Nestlé, Perfetti, Piaggio, SixthContinent and Valsoia.


UPA is working closely with Reply Consulting, in order to finalise an innovative blockchain platform for digital advertising. The project was recently presented to the UPA Board.


Digital Chart
UPA was strongly committed to developing new tools at IAP (The Italian Advertising Self-Regulatory Body) to ensure that online advertising messages are clearly identifiable as such. These tools are outlined in the Digital Chart. Currently, the IAP scrutiny is focused on influencer marketing, native advertising, advergame, in-app advertising.