Effie Italy

In 2019 the Award made its debut in Italy thanks to the joint action of UPA and UNA – Aziende della Comunicazione Unite.

All communication campaigns - whatever the medium and tool used - and those who have promoted and managed them: companies, agencies and media centres, will be competing for Effie Awards. The projects are judged by a jury composed of experts in the industry, representing part of the corporate world and part of the agency world in all its forms - media agencies, creative and devoted to promotion and events.

Campaigns are evaluated taking into account four different parameters, each with a specific weight: definition of the objectives, strategy, execution (both creative and applicative) and obtained results. The awarding of the awards is guided by the strict international principles of the award followed by a particularly selective evaluation process that ensures that the winners can take part in the worldwide Effie Index.

Over the years the Effie Award has become a focal point for the entire marketing and communication industry, guiding, inspiring and supporting the practices and professionals who work to achieve effective results from their investments.

Effie, “awarding ideas that work” is indeed the only award format for advertising that is based on the verification of effectiveness measured through communication KPI’s. The aim of the enterprise, as well as rewarding ideas that have produced great results, is to set up a permanent forum to educate the system on the use of an operating method that sets clear objectives and can accurately measure the results achieved. Thus, helping companies and agencies to make the most appropriate decisions.

All the italian editiosn, distinguished by a high quality level of projects, have registered an important feedback in terms of memberships.