Nessie, an acronym that stands for Next gEneration System for Strategic Insights Exploitation, is a data collaboration project among advertising investors developed by UPA through its subsidiary UPA Nessie s.r.l., thanks also to the important contribution of Neodata Group.

The first phase of work, based on the enhancement of cookies, began in 2019 and involves Barilla, Bolton, Ferrero, Henkel, Lavazza, Nestlé, Perfetti, Piaggio, and Valsoia. Companies enrich their cookies mutually and for some it was also a matter of accessing, for the first time, DMP (Data Management Platform) type features, with which to activate the audience for profiled advertising, site personalization, direct marketing or business intelligence. In September 2020, the second phase of the project was activated, that of audience extension on data made available by traffic providers, at the moment: 4W Marketplace, AdnKronos.

The project is continuously evolving through various areas of development. Among the main ones are:

Collaboration with third-party data providers, of which the most important currently is TheNewCo;
The development of connectors between the DMP and major social networks-at the moment Facebook, Instagram-and connected TV operators;
Cookieless data collaboration schemes between companies and data activation through clean rooms will be evaluated in 2023.

Among the strengths of the project are some requirements that are highly demanded by brands in the market:
- role and financial transparency;
- independent ownership and exploitation of so-called first-party data (the data owned exclusively by individual companies);
- the quality of the data collected,
- the certifiability of the entire process.