The UPA and Paola Furlanetto project 'KPI for commercial communication' intends to univocate the very large and varied mass of international literature on the theme of performance indicators, essential for demonstrating in a simple and shared way the effectiveness and achievement of objectives that companies aim to achieve through advertising communication.

The project was developed with the contribution of many marketers and media directors of UPA member companies and was officially presented on several occasions to the entire advertising community, between the end of 2017 and the end of 2018.

The most valuable element of the project is the KPI database, which allows you to:

  • search for the definitions of the over 500 KPIs surveyed;
  • choose the most suitable KPIs for personalized communication "scenarios", or for the desired crossings between the marketing objectives (14 available) and the communication channels (advertising, native, social, paid search, events, PR, direct marketing, owned media).

Further materials are available exclusively to members in the reserved area of the site.