Media and creative pitches

Creative and media pitches have always generated debate because, if not managed transparently, can have serious economic and relational implications.

For this reason UNA and UPA have promoted two initiatives aimed at giving indications on the correct management of pitches.

In September2019, the two associations presented ‘La buona gara’ manual. The manual aims to summarize and indicate the right ways to conduct a creative competition in order to generate best practices and create honest and long-lasting relationships. A real tool, full of indications and suggestions, which looks at the world of agencies as well as that of companies.

In January 2020, in collaboration with FCP, UNA and UPA presented another document focused on the management of media pitches. The document contains the guidelines, collected in 20 articles, aimed at identifying the elements of transparency, visibility and accountability of each media pitch.

The new guidelines mark a decisive change of pace for the Italian market, and make it aligned with European best practices, in line with the indications already introduced by EACA, the European association of communication agencies, and WFA, the international Federation of advertisers.